Next month, The Paris Seamstress will be published in America. The following month, The Paris Seamstress will be published in the UK. It’s a dream come true for me: there will be people on the other side of the world reading my books! And now that it’s imminent, there’s a lot to do!

My Expectations

When I signed my publishing contracts with Little, Brown in the UK and Grand Central in the US, I have to admit that my expectations were low. Not in terms of what brilliant publishers they were, but in terms of what kind of marketing and publicity support that an author all the way over in Perth, who nobody in those countries has ever heard of, would get.

But my publishers have proved to be extraordinary and the support I’m getting is beyond my imaginings.


The first thing we did was to change the covers for each market. It’s so interesting how design aesthetics differ by country. I’ve been extremely lucky in that both of my new covers are beautiful and will hopefully catch the eye of readers.

The US cover is probably the most different to the Australian cover but I love the way it features two women, sisters or friends. Either perfectly suits the book. This cover tells a slightly different story to a woman alone on the cover, I think. That’s the wonderful thing about books; there are different ways of interpreting them and stories to be found within the main story.

And the UK cover is so delightfully autumnal, which will be just right for a book that’s out over there in October.

Publicity and Marketing

The thing with being a new author in these markets is that no one has heard of me or my books. So getting people to learn about the book, and to give it a try, is so important.

We’ve been so lucky in getting a starred review in Publishers Weekly in the US, and then being chosen, from more than 14,000 titles, as one of the most anticipated books in that market for fall. I really couldn’t have asked for a better start.

The early reviews from the US have also been wonderful, and I’m starting to hope that perhaps the book will travel across continents and that there are elements of the story that are universal.

Lucky ebook readers in the UK had the chance to pick up The Paris Seamstress for just 99p last week, which will hopefully start to get some word of mouth spreading. And I was delighted and overwhelmed when Gill Paul, a very well known British author, tweeted this about the book:

It’s like having two books out each year

I hadn’t really thought about it too much but, of course, I am now working on publicity pieces and articles and blog posts for both the UK and the US. I did a lot of that back in March and April for the publication of The Paris Seamstress here, and I’m now back on the publicity whirl again. I’m not lucky enough to have an international book tour yet though!

I’m also in the process of updating my website. Now that I have multiple covers of each book, and multiple links to different retailers in each country, my website has become a little awkward and clunky. I hope to have the new one up in a month or so, and the idea is that it will make it easier for everyone to navigate, no matter which country you’re from. And I also get to have a new photo shoot, which will be lots of fun!

So, this is what I’ll be up to for the next couple of months: nervously counting down the days and hoping The Paris Seamstress finds a place in the hearts of readers all over the world!